Miley Cyrus and Mark Ronson Pull off Wild Chase in 'Nothing Breaks Like a Heart' Music Video

After imposing an Instagram blackout for months, Miley Cyrus has finally returned to the platform to announce her brand new song, the singer collaborating with Mark Ronson for the track "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart."

The song was released on Thursday, Nov. 29, and begins with a haunting string section before launching into a country-inspired baseline topped with Cyrus' instantly recognizable vocals.

The accompanying music video centers on a high-speed car chase between Cyrus and the police, with the singer's fans standing on the side of the road and holding supportive signs as Cyrus speeds down the highway.

She also drives through a strip club, which is filled with priests, before taking a detour to a gun range where a group of young girls are practicing their shots on child-sized targets. The video's social commentary continues when the star heads past a hot tub in which a female couple is sitting and a group of football players taking a knee.

The end of the clip finds Ronson jumping in the car with her before they exit the vehicle and walk down the road towards a group of people running their way in a symbolic conclusion.

The basic premise of the track is just what it sounds like — things may be difficult, but nothing breaks quite like a heart.

"This world can hurt you/ It cuts you deep and leaves a scar," Cyrus sings. "Things fall apart/ Nothing breaks like a heart/ Nothing breaks like a heart."

"Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" is Cyrus' first single in over a year, her most recent release having been her 2017 album, Younger Now.

The song is the lead single from Ronson's upcoming album, which is his first solo album in nearly four years. Speaking to the BBC, he explained that after hearing Cyrus perform on Saturday Night Live, he immediately knew he wanted to work with her.

"It wasn't an intentional thing," Ronson said. "I heard the drawl in her voice and the twang when I saw her live on SNL. My jaw dropped and I became super-fixated about being able to work with her."

"But we weren't trying to make a Western song," he added. "I think with Miley, just the way she wrote the verses and the way the melody came out, came naturally."


"Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" was written by Cyrus and Ronson along with Ilsey Juber, Thomas Brenneck, The Picard Brothers and Conor Rayne Syzmanski, and Cyrus and Ronson are slated to perform the track together during the Dec. 15 episode of Saturday Night Live.

Photo Credit: YouTube / Mark Ronson