Megan Thee Stallion Reveals What's on Her Workout Playlist

The rapper has been on a physical transformation over the last year.

Megan Thee Stallion has been serious about her fitness journey. The self-proclaimed "Hot Girl" keeps her fans updated on her social media platforms and recently shared what songs get her in the mood while she's getting it in at the gym. And her own songs aren't exempt from keeping her motivated. She shared a clip of her interview with Women's Health Magazine where she shared her workout playlist.

"Of course I work out to 'Freak Nasty,'" the Houston-born rapper said of her own song, adding, "The beat is just too fire…It allows me to get on the Stairmaster and talk that talk. So I really suggest if 'Freak Nasty' is not on your playlist, get it on your playlist now." 

She then shared a more surprising choice: a Paramore song. She said: "'Ain't It' by Paramore is on my workout playlist because I just feel like I need to get in there and have the time of my life. I'm like jumping the around the gym and I'm pretty sure people are like, 'Whatever pre-workout she have, I want it."

After the 2020 shooting incident involving her former friend, Tory Lanez, Stallion dealt with depression. She turned to the gym to keep her spirits high. 

"I watched people build me up, tear me down, and be confused about their expectations of me," she told Women's Health. "Working on myself made me get into working out because I needed to focus my energy somewhere else. I used working out to escape and to get happy." 

Her workout consists of cardio, lower body, upper body, and abs. She's also adjusted her eating habits to maintain her goals, noting she's reduced the amount of soda, red meat, juice, and soda she consumes. "I'm in a space where I feel good mentally, so I want to look as good as I feel," she told the publication