Lizzo Supporters Point out Double Standard Between Outfit Backlash and Cheerleaders' Uniforms

While Lizzo recently came under fire for her outfit at a Lakers game, her fans (also known as the Lizzbians) have come out in her defense. And to defend the singer, those fans are pointing out a bit of a double standard between Lizzo's outfit and the uniforms worn by the cheerleaders who work at those very basketball games.

In case you missed it, Lizzo caused a splash with her appearance at the Dec. 8 Lakers game because of her rather revealing get-up. The "Truth Hurts" singer wore a long black T-shirt dress with a cut out in the back that showed off her bare behind wearing a thong. At one point during the game, the songstress even got up to twerk as her song "Juice" played.

Many took to social media to express how inappropriate they thought the outfit was. But, there were just as many who pointed out that Lizzo shouldn't be taking so much heat for her get-up, considering the revealing uniforms that cheerleaders have worn on the basketball court.

"LiZzO wAs InDeCeNt In A fAmILY EnViRonMeNt" -somebody paying full attention to thin cheerleaders wearing tiny pants and even tinier shirts," one person noted on Twitter.

Yet another person pointed out the fault in criticizing Lizzo for what she wore at the game.

"let’s talk about the difference between Lizzo shaking her naked a— and a cheerleader shaking her naked a—," they wrote. "bc one is acceptable for children and one isn’t and there’s only one difference and it’s Weight."

"People talking sh— about Lizzo, trying to act like it's not about her weight, but that it was an inappropriate place to show her ass, meanwhile...." they wrote while showcasing some of the revealing outfits that cheerleaders for the NBA have worn.


Even though she's come under fire for the look, Lizzo isn't going to let any haters bring her down. According to Popbuzz, the singer responded to the controversy with a bold statament.

“Who I am and the essence of me and the things I choose to do as a grown ass woman can inspire you to do the same," she said. “You don't have to be like me, you need to be like you and never ever let somebody stop you, or shame you from being yourself. This is who I've always been.”