Kelly Clarkson Nails Live Performance During Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Kelly Clarkson was one of the multiple performers providing the soundtrack to this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, with The Voice coach singing with a group of backup singers and a band during the broadcast.

The group performed Clarkson's song "Heat" from her 2017 album, Meaning of Life, with Clarkson's powerful vocals stealing the show as she belted the song while bundled up in a black puffer jacket, black tights and black booties.

After her performance, Clarkson used Twitter to share her thanks at being part of the lineup, joking, "my toes finally have feeling back in them."

It's common knowledge that performances during the Macy's parade are lip synced due to the technical constraints of a parade in cold weather, but Clarkson's clear exception had fans on Twitter praising the star for her always-excellent vocals.

"Big ups to @kelly_clarkson for singing #LIVE on the #MacysDayParade!" one person wrote. "Exceptional and I wish all the others would follow suit!"

With temperatures hovering around 20 degrees, multiple people noted their amazement due to the fact that Clarkson was singing live in such cold weather.

"Love @kelly_clarkson singing LIVE at the #MacysParade What an amazing voice!" Olympian Scott Hamilton tweeted. "And the talent to sing live on a cold day in NYC."

Clarkson was likely able to sing live due to the fact that she was not on a float and instead performed on one of Macy's signature floating stages, which stopped in the middle of the parade route for her performance.

Other people joked that Clarkson is one of the only performers during this year's lineup that they actually recognize.

"I'm very torn whether the fact that I've only known @johnlegend, @PTXofficial & @kelly_clarkson is something I should be thankful for or not," one tweeted.


Photo Credit: NBC