David Cook Teases Forthcoming EP Alongside Acoustic Performance of 'Strange World' (Exclusive)

Singer-songwriter, David Cook, is back with new music this Christmas and treating fans to an exclusive acoustic performance of his latest single, "Strange World," only for PopCulture.com. Inspired by his time in isolation amid the ongoing pandemic, the single out now is one Cook hopes fans will find some "hopefulness and solace" in during these trying times. While in conversation with PopCulture earlier this week, the 37-year-old talked about the single and teased new details surrounding his forthcoming EP, admitting what fans previously heard with "Reds Turn Blue" and now "Strange World" is only a taste of what they can expect from the new collection in February.

"The EP is going to be a little more eclectic — we're about halfway through with it right now and I think each song certainly has its own personality so far. 'Strange World' kind of started with that synth sound that kind of permeates throughout the song," he said, adding how the track somewhat "pulses in and back out" each time, throwing back to an '80s nostalgia. "When we were in the studio — it's funny you bring up the word nostalgic because that was the word that kept getting thrown around, really wanting to tune into this vibe. I felt like the last year kind of started to feel like when I was a kid, the world inside your home always felt a little bit bigger maybe than it does now."

Adding how the more we experience the world around us, the more "home can start to feel maybe a little bit smaller," the former American Idol winner further states the new single was really more of trying to accept how the "world inside the walls around you" begin to feel "more full of possibility and experience."

With the record being produced amid a global pandemic, Cook goes on to share that all of it is his "own stuff" right now. "I'm constantly in top hit mode, where I'm trying to write a song that's better than one that we have in the pile right now," he said. "So right now, they're all individual writes. I wrote them on my own. More of a project or product of necessity than anything."

While there have been a few details on the EP arriving in February, fans are learning little by little from updates via Cook's official website. One of which reveals he has not only been actively writing songs for months now but that his former Midwest Kings bandmate and frequent collaborator, Andy Skib, is producing the record in addition to working on "Strange World" with him. Cook tells PopCulture they are eyeing about six songs for the EP right now but still working on the other details.


"I'm still working on [the] title, and artwork and all that stuff. But it's coming together. I felt like the last EP — I enjoyed the process of writing without a net," Cook said. "Typically, historically, I've always done title first for an album or title early in the process — and with Chromance, I really waited until the end where I felt like everything was a little bit more fully formed. So I'm kind of embracing that process this time, so the title will probably come at the 11th hour."

"Strange World" is now available. For more with the singer-songwriter, stay tuned to PopCulture.com for what fans can expect from his upcoming virtual Christmas show on Dec. 19, "A December to Remember: Stage-It Event."