David Cook Talks 'Hopeful Message' in New Single 'Strange World' (Exclusive)

While COVID-19 has struck a discordant note with the music industry in a myriad of ways, artists continue to draw inspiration from this challenging time by responding to the pandemic with new music teeming with pain, frustration and hope. One such artist continuing to make his mark on the industry is singer-songwriter David Cook, whose new single "Strange World" was born out of isolation. In a telephone interview with PopCulture.com, Cook exclusively shares details behind the new track ahead of his EP in February.

"This song was born out of staring out the window at home for months on end and feeling like what was on the other side of the window was becoming increasingly foreign and unknown," Cook told PopCulture, sharing where the song's inspiration stems from. "The story of the song is just about kind of embracing the world within your walls right now."

With the world about to take a turn with plenty of changes abound, including COVID vaccines on the horizon and a new U.S. administration led by President-elect Joe Biden, Cook says it was important to release the single at this particular moment because it felt like the "right time."

"I think it's a hopeful message, ultimately," he said. "Kind of in keeping with what you're talking about, I think we do have — fingers crossed, knock on wood — a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel and so just kind of wanting to piggyback on that vibe a little bit."

Cook, who was on his way to the studio during PopCulture's exclusive conversation, revealed the single would be a nice way to "finish up the EP" coming this February. "'Strange World' felt like a nice bridge between 'Reds Turn Blue' and getting us to this full EP."


With the 37-year-old former American Idol winner adapting to COVID measures and social distancing since the U.S. lockdown this past March, the Nashville-based Kansas City native hopes fans will take the song for something of their own amid this time of uncertainty. "Unfortunately, I think everybody's kind of in the same limbo right now. We have all these things that seem like they're coming that are positive, but we've been kind of mired in this pandemic now since [March]," Cook said. "Ultimately, as with any song I put out — I want people to find something for themselves in it. I do feel like this song is a little bit more topical than most of the songs that I put out and so hopefully, they can find some hopefulness and solace in it."

David Cook's new single "Strange World" is available to stream on Dec. 4, head to his official website for links to pre-save on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. For more with the singer-songwriter, stay tuned to PopCulture for an exclusive acoustic performance, what fans can expect from his upcoming EP and what you can expect from his virtual Christmas show later this month!