BTS Member Sent to ER Amid Health Woes for Group

Fans of BTS have received worrying news about the group as of late. Member Jin was released from the hospital last week following an injury to his finger, Big Hit Music announced on global fan community Weverse.

"We would like to provide you with some information regarding BTS member Jin's finger injury," the company said in a notice posted to the platform on March 19.

"Jin injured his left index finger during his daily activities and visited the emergency room at a hospital nearby for examination and treatment on Friday, March 18," wrote Big Hit.

"He consulted doctors and was told he required surgery as the tendons in the finger had been partially damaged. He underwent surgery to repair the extensor in his left index finger on the afternoon of Friday, March 18."

The message then informed the group's "ARMY" fanbase of Jin's current health and welfare following the incident. "The surgery went well according to the doctors," Big Hit said. "Jin was discharged from the hospital on the morning of Saturday, March 19 and has been resting. He will wear a cast for the time being for stabilization and a speedy recovery."

"Jin will focus on rest and treatment to fully recover from the injury and to resume his activities in good health," the note continued. "We will continue to provide support for the rapid recovery of Jin, placing our highest priority on the health and safety of our artists."

A few days later, Big Hit had to turn to Weverse again to notify fans that member J-Hope had recently tested positive for COVID-19. According to an official statement from Big Hit Music, the K-pop star was diagnosed after visiting a hospital on March 23 with a sore throat and was subsequently given a PCR test.

"J-Hope has completed the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and currently has no symptoms other than a sore throat, and is self-isolating and receiving at home," the message read.

Big Hit added that J-Hope is set to resume the group's regular schedule next month following medical care, suggesting he will likely appear at BTS' sold-out Permission To Dance On Stage – Las Vegas concerts. BTS will headline the 65,000-capacity Allegiant Stadium from April 8 to April 16. The company also noted that the rest of BTS are currently not showing any "special symptoms."

"We will do our best to support J-Hope so that he can recover his health as soon as possible, considering the health and safety of the artist as our top priority," Big Hit Music continued. "In addition, we will faithfully cooperate with the requests and guidelines of the quarantine authorities." 

Along with J-Hope and Jin, member Jimin received an emergency appendectomy and was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Jan. 30. Bandmate Suga also tested positive for COVID-19 in December 2021.