Bebe Rexha Shares Disgusting Delivery Someone Mailed Her

Bebe Rexha might be inspired to record "Return to Sender" after she received a disgusting gift from someone in the mail. The singer-songwriter revealed on Twitter Friday that someone sent her a used sheet of toilet paper. Whoever sent this "gift" to her may have committed a federal crime, since it is illegal to mail feces to anyone.

"Someone mailed me used toilet paper," Rexha, 33, tweeted on Friday, including a vomiting emoji. She included a photo of the envelope and gross toilet paper just to prove she wasn't making this up. Later, she told a fan this was "insane" and that she had never received anything like this before.

Another fan asked Rexha to make sure she washed her hands. "Bro I washed them like 10 times," she replied. Someone asked her to sniff it. "WTF no way," she replied. One fan told her that if the toilet paper was used, the sender may have committed a crime since it is illegal to send biological waste in the mail. "OMG," Rexha replied.

In August 2022, an Ohio man was arrested for allegedly sending over 36 letters containing feces to Ohio legislators in Ohio, Kentucky, and Washington, D.C. between August 2021 and July 2022, reports WJW. Richard John Steinle, 77, a former Portage County Common Pleas Court mediator, allegedly targeted Republican politicians with his letters. He was charged with mailing "injurious articles" that are non-mailable.

Steinle was arrested after postal employees found letters addressed to officials in Columbus, Ohio that appeared to be "soiled in what appeared to be feces" in July. Another postal inspector followed Steinle to his home and recorded a video of him allegedly dropping off a letter while wearing a glove.

In cleaner news, Rexha is preparing to release her third album, simply titled Bebe, on April 28. The record will include her newest single, "Heart Wants What it Wants." Her duet with Dolly Parton, "Seasons," will also be on the album. The two connected after Rexha learned one of her producers was working with the country music icon.

"I have this beautiful song ['Seasons'] that I really love. I was like, 'Oh my God, Dolly Parton would be so iconic on this.' The producer was like, 'Why don't we just send it?'" Rexha recently told PEOPLE. "I was like, 'Most likely, she's probably not going to even hear this.' But she heard it and sent me a verse that she put together a week later, and it's coming out! So, that's epic."