Why Bebe Rexha Was Booed During Her NFL Thanksgiving Day Halftime Show

Bebe Rexha performed during halftime of the NFL Thanksgiving Day game between the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions. People on social media had their share of thoughts about the halftime show, but the fans who attended the game at Ford Field in Detroit didn't particularly love what was going on as the crowd was heard booing. However, the reason the fans booed had nothing to do with the actual performance or Rexha. It looks like the location was the reason fans were showing their anger during the show. 

As mentioned by Yahoo!, the stage appeared to be located in a tiny corner of Ford Field, leading to some fans not being able to see the performance. It's a little odd to have a halftime show in the corner of a stadium as nearly all shows are done on the field. The NFL nor the Lions have commented on the location of Rexa's show, but based on some of the Twitter reactions, this move was done for the TV viewers. 

"Most of the crowd were looking around wondering where she was because they had the stage covered," one Twitter user wrote. "Once they dropped the cover you still couldn't see her. So boo to poor show planning not to her." Twitter users also mentioned that the NFL did the same thing last year when Big Sean performed.

Rexha, 33, is one of the top artists in the world. Her latest single, "I'm Good (Blue) (with David Guetta)," reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and is certified gold. In an interview with the Billboard Pop Shop podcast, Rexha talked about the success of her latest song. 


"[David] had played it at a festival after we had cut it, and somebody took a YouTube video of it and posted it," Rexha said. "Then somebody found that and made a remix and posted it to TikTok. Then this big gamer posted it from TikTok, and then it blew up from her page.  It's crazy, because you just never know what people want. Everybody was going crazy and being like, 'We want this song! Why can't we find it?' And I was hitting up David [saying], 'David, people really want this record! We should just put it out!' At this point, it's viral on TikTok, and people are asking for it. Let's just give the people what they want.