Bebe Rexha Can't Hide Her Curves in Her 'Sacrifice' Sweatsuit

Bebe Rexha released her latest single, 'Sacrifice,' earlier this month, and fans can already get [...]

Bebe Rexha released her latest single, "Sacrifice," earlier this month, and fans can already get the single art cover on a sweatshirt. The 31-year-old modeled the sweatshirt and the matching sweatpants in a new Instagram post Sunday. She also wore matching neon sneakers in the photos. The new dance single was accompanied by a video in which Rexha plays a vampire.

"Sacrifice" is set to be the only dance song from Rexha's next album, reports Rolling Stone. Rexha still has not announced an album title, but she said Travis Barker plays drums and it will feature a collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert. Themes from the album include "honesty and insecurities" and lyrics that speak on Rexha's "insecurities." The new single was Rexha's first since she released "Baby, I'm Jealous," a collaboration with Doja Cat, in October.

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Rexha promoted the release of "Sacrifice" with an Instagram Live session the day before the single came out. Unfortunately, Rexha had to shut it down quickly after a man flashed her during the stream. "[Things got] out of hand and Bebe called them out," one viewer told Variety. "Then some guy flashed her. She hopped off IG pissed off [and] mortified."

The singer later confirmed the incident with a tweet. "I'm honestly disgusted. And shook," she wrote on March 4. "I thought it was a joke. I can't believe that guy was serious. I am so sorry that happened. I'm so angry." In a follow-up tweet, Rexha asked for an investigation of some kind into the incident. "I need the Instagram name of the guy who did what we did. I need to report him please," she wrote. "Please investigate. NOT OKAY."

Rexha has dealt with trolls often on social media, facing body shamers and a hoax that she died after a drug overdose. In a 2019 interview with PopCulture, Rexha said she learned that she should not let someone else's opinions stop her. "For me, it just kind of clicked in being like, 'I have to be my number one fan, and I have to be nice to myself, and I have to love myself,'" she explained. "Because if you don't love yourself, and people tell you all the best things about you, then it doesn't really mean anything. The most important person's opinion of you is you."

Last month, Rexha appeared on the cover of Self Magazine and spoke out about her bipolar disorder for the first time. "Making it as a female in the music industry and being able to take care of myself…and being able to take care of my parents feels like success to me," she told the magazine. "It allowed me to follow my dreams and believe in myself, allowed me to break the rules."