Astroworld 2021: Kylie Jenner Instagrams Medical Vehicle in Crowd as Tragedy Unfolds During Travis Scott's Set

Some of the most graphic videos from Astroworld 2021 were posted by Travis Scott's girlfriend Kylie Jenner. Throughout the night, Jenner posted videos on her Instagram Story showing the chaos in the audience during Scott's performance. It even showed the first responders' trying to make it through the crowd while Scott continued to sing.

Scott's Astroworld music festival was rocked by tragedy on Friday night when the crowd was allowed to pack in tightly and rush the stage, unchecked by security. At least 8 people died at the concert and over 300 were injured, and both Scott and headliner Drake continued to perform even while EMTs tried to get through the crowd and reach people in need. Jenner posted several videos from her vantage point, which was apparently raised up behind the crowd. One now-deleted video showed a vehicle with flashing sirens trying to push through the crowd while Scott continued to play.

"Kylie posted an Instagram Story of the concert and you can CLEARLY SEE THE PARAMEDICS TRYING TO GET THROUGH LIKE WTF," one fan tweeted in shock. Another added: "I know it's not her fault, but Kylie Jenner storying this video at [Astroworld Festival] as a literal EMT car rolls through the crowd as the show continues on is so incredibly dystopian."

Commenters also noted that Jenner's other Story posts included a shot of a trailer door with the name "Stormi" posted decoratively on it, suggesting that the daughter she shares with Scott was at the concert. Jenner recently revealed that she is pregnant with her and Scott's second child.

According to local authorities, people were knocked unconscious and trampled while the crowd surged towards the stage throughout the concert. They are investigating how this was allowed to happen, and the second night of the festival was canceled. Meanwhile, the official Astroworld account posted a statement saying that the deaths were caused by a "series of cardiac arrests," which many commenters are not pleased with. They feel the festival is trying to shirk responsibility for the security of guests. Many are posting admonitions of Scott and other concert organizers.

Astroworld 2021 is over, and the investigation into the tragedies on the first night are underway. Those missing loved ones who attended Astroworld are told to call 3-1-1 or 713-837-0311. There is also a reunification center at Wyndham Houston - Medical Center Hotel & Suites, located at 8686 Kirby Drive in Houston.