6ix9ine Sued for Allegedly Plagiarizing One of His Biggest Songs

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is facing plagiarism charges for 'Gooba,' one of the songs he recorded [...]

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is facing plagiarism charges for "Gooba," one of the songs he recorded while under house arrest earlier this year. Beatdemons, a Texas-based producer group, claims the rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernandez, ripped off their song "Regular." Hernandez has denied the claims, and his attorney believes the case will be dismissed.

The lawsuit claims "Regular" and "Gooba" share similar melodies, forms, and structures. Beatdemons posted their song on YouTube in January 2018 untile the title "6ix9ine x Cardi B Type Beat 'Regular' Trap Rap Instrumental." Since it was released, Beatdemons' song only has 239,000 views. The official music video for "Gooba" has over 698 million views since it was released on May 8, 2020, Hernandez's 24th birthday. Beatdemons is seeking profits from "Gooba," which debuted at number three on Billboard's Hot 100 charts. "The lawsuit is without merit and is another attempt to profit off of Tekashi's success. We are confident that it will be dismissed," Hernandez's attorney, Lance Lazzaro, told TMZ.

"Gooba" was the lead single for Hernandez's second album, Tattle Tales, and features lyrics referencing his role in the Nine Trey Gangsters trial. He was arrested in 2018 on racketeering, weapons, and drug charges, and faced almost 50 years in prison. He agreed to plead guilty to nine charges, including conspiracy to commit murder in 2019. He also testified against other Nine Trey gang members. He received a two-year prison sentence but was released early in April 2020. He finished his sentence under house arrest and was released in August 2020.

The plagiarism allegation is not the only post-legal drama Hernandez is facing. Earlier this month, TMZ reported that Metropolitan Patrol sued Hernandez for allegedly not paying them for security. They claim he owes the company over $75,000 for their work in 2018. Lazzaro claims Hernandez's booking agency at the time, MTA Bookings, was responsible for paying Metropolitan Patrol and Hernandez owes them nothing.

In February, Miami stripper Alexis Salaberrios claimed Hernandez hit her with a champagne bottle at the Gold Rush Cabaret, reports TMZ. She claims Hernandez threw a "deadly object with intent to commit serious bodily injury." Someone allegedly called Hernandez a "rat" and he threw the bottle at the person, but it hit Salaberrios instead, her attorney claims. She was rushed to the emergency room and claims the club urged her not to call the police.

Lazzaro also denied these allegations. "There are video cameras in the establishment," the attorney told TMZ. "It's an attempt to shake him down. If he is served properly, we will immediately move to have it dismissed."