'Titanic' Is Returning to Theaters

Never let go. For a limited time only relive the magic of #Titanic in stunning @Dolby Vison HDR [...]

It's been 20 years since Rose told Jack that she'd "never let go," and now fans will get a chance to experience the drama and romance of Titanic on the big screen all over again.

The Titanic will set sail once again when it opens in theaters on December 1st, giving fans a chance to celebrate the film's 20th anniversary, according to EW.

However, there are a few details that may impact fan's ability to catch the film.

First off, the re-release is a re-mastered version of the film ,as it's been converted to "Dolby Vision," and this new version is only scheduled to be screened in AMC theaters, currently.

Dolby Vision is essentially just a high-definition re-mastering and rendering of a film, but it allows for more detail and clarity to be seen in the final product.

Additionally, Titanic will only be playing for one week, so fans will want to make plans ahead of time as it's entirely possible screenings will sell out, due to the facts that the new run is only happening in one theater chain for a handful of days.