Director Ridley Scott Speaks out About Kevin Spacey Sexual Assault Allegations

In light of the sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey, Ridley Scott, the director of All the Money in the World, chose to recast and reshoot Spacey's role with Christopher Plummer, and now Scott has spoken out about the situation.

Scott recently spoke candidly with EW and told them that Spacey is "a very talented man" but that he "can't tolerate any kind of behavior like that."

He was asked where he was when he first found out about the accusations, and he explained that he was still doing post-production work on the film.

"I was finished with the film and was in [U.K. recording studio] Abbey Road finalizing the music. Someone was like: Guess what? And that's where it began," Scott revealed.

Regarding the choice to replace Spacey entirely, Scott said he simply "cannot let one person's action affect the good work of all these other people. It's that simple."

When asked if he and Spacey ever spoke about the accusations, Scott told EW that they hadn't. "He didn't call me. If he had called me and said, 'Hey, look, this is the way it is and I'm really sorry,' then I'd have handled it slightly differently," Scott stated

However, Scott reiterated that Spacey's apology would never have persuaded him to change his mind. "I'd have still done it. I would have said, "Yes, thank you for calling, but I have to move on," the director explained.


Plummer also briefly addressed the allegations against Spacey. "The situation is very sad, because he's such a talented guy. The whole circumstance is sad," Plummer stated. "But I've got to forget that and go and do it, because it's a very well written script and Ridley has been very good."

All the Money in the World also stars Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg, and is still scheduled to be released in theaters on December 22, 2017.