John Travolta Sports Dramatic New Hairstyle in Upcoming Film 'The Fanatic'

John Travolta's hair is far from the only surprising thing about The Fanatic trailer. The new film follows Moose (a funny-haired Travolta), an obsessed fan with a fascination for his favorite action star Hunter Dunbar (Devon Sawa).

The trailer gives a first look as Moose takes some crazy steps to get an autograph from his favorite actor, like asking a paparazzi for Hunter's personal address.

"Hey, you can't just come to my private residence looking for me," Hunter tells Moose when he shows up at his house. "Listen, pal, I don't know how you found me, but I don't ever want to see you in this neighborhood again."

Moose obviously ignores the concerned actor's warning, leading the crazed fan down a dark path of danger. Again, all Moose wants it for Hunter to sign an autograph.

"I just wanted an autograph," Moose says creepily to Hunter, setting off the film's premise, which leaves Sawa's character in a dangerous situation.

Fans of the actor took to the comments section of the trailer's YouTube post to comment on his unique hairstyle, as well as the film's plot.

"John Travolta looking like Chuck Norris playing a Kathy Bates role....?.... I'M THERE! Misery with a Man," one fan commented.

"why travolta looks lıke the future versıon of ben affleck huh," another user commented.

"Travolta's hair has never looked better," another fan wrote.

The film was directed by Fred Durst and also stars Sawa, Ana Golja, Jacob Grodnik, James Paxton and Luis Da Silva Jr. The film is set to premiere in theaters Aug. 30.

The actor's unusual haircut likely explains why he recently debuted a completely shaved head. Back in May the actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live alongside his daughter, Ella Blue, and discussed the Internet's fascination with his hair, stemming from the first time he completely shaved his head and went viral after posting a New Year's Eve photo.


"No... it's a haircut!" Travolta said, shrugging. "The last time I went viral before that, I mispronounced Idina Menzel's name on the Oscars."

At the time fans were shocked and said the actor looked much better without hair. He admitted he got used to being bad after making From Paris With Love. He also said during his appearance that rapper Pitbull encouraged him to rock the shaved look.