Jamie Lee Curtis Says 'Freaky Friday' Sequel With Lindsay Lohan 'Is Going to Happen'

A Freaky Friday sequel may finally become a reality. As Variety reported, Jamie Lee Curtis said that the sequel is "going to happen." Curtis has been a big proponent of joining forces with Lindsay Lohan again for a Freaky Friday sequel. In the past, she's even shared some ideas on what this new movie could entail. 

Curtis attended the Producers Guild Awards on Saturday and shared a major tease about a possible Freaky Friday sequel. While she stressed that nothing is official just yet, she's confident that she and Lohan will be co-stars once again. "It's going to happen," Curtis said. "Without saying there's anything officially happening, I'm looking at you in this moment and saying, 'Of course it's going to happen.' It's going to happen."

Weeks prior, Curtis shared a photo on Instagram of herself and Lohan to garner up some excitement about the potential Freaky Friday sequel. On Feb. 10, she posted the throwback photo, which she captioned with, "It's Friday. I'm just sayin! Freaky fingers crossed!" Over the past several months, Curtis' has shared her interest in making a Freaky Friday sequel. In November, she told PEOPLE that she would "love" to reunite with Lohan for the film.

Curtis said at the time, "There would be nothing I would love more, honestly, than to be able to work with her again, share our time again, and now be able to share it at this age with both of us 20 years older, or whatever we are." Curtis added that there seem to be other parties who are interested in making this sequel happen, saying, "There's a lot of good talk going on."

The Knives Out star also opened up about co-starring with Lohan again when she appeared on The View in October. During her appearance on the talk show, she even shared her idea for the sequel, which would entail her playing an "old grandma." She explained, "So then Lindsay gets to be the sexy grandma, who is still happy with Mark Harmon in all the ways you would be happy with Mark Harmon. And simply, I would like to see Lindsay be the hot grandma, and I would like to see me try to deal with toddlers today. I wanna be a helicopter parent in today's world, as an old lady."