'Jackass' Star Reveals They Are Totally Done With the MTV Franchise

The Jackass franchise has had a revival lately, with the new Jackass Forever film, and word of a new series in development. However, one iconic star from the MTV series now says that they are done with it for good. Recently, Bam Margera sat down with his former Jackass co-star Steve-O on the stuntman's podcast to discuss his recent life events, mainly his sobriety journey. Ahead of the episode, it is important to point out, Steve-O noted that "this episode was recorded a while back and we held onto it until now."

During the conversation, Margera made it clear that he has no intention of returning to the Jackass crew. "Everything is meant for a reason, and I'm much better off not being in it. I don't want to do that anymore," he said on Steve-O's Wild Ride podcast. "I don't want to be a part of it. I'm much happier without it... Now that it's done and over with, I didn't want to do it in the first place." Margera was fired from Jackass Forever during filming, after violating the sobriety guidelines in his contract. He later filed lawsuits against the production company and some of his former Jackass crew members.

Margera has struggled with his sobriety for years, and during his chat with Steve-O he spoke candidly about his experience.  During the conversation, Margera explained, "I did a year of alcohol treatment and I actually have never felt better." He went on to say, "I actually didn't realize I had such a problem that I did. And..." At this point, Steve-O interjected and asked, "Did or do (have a problem)? That's a distinction that we need to be clear about."

Margera replied, "Yeah, I guess 'do.' Because (Brandon) Novak [former fellow Jackass star] said, 'Dude, if you just do a year you will understand how much better you will feel. Because you always go 30 to 60 days, maybe 90 tops. But if you just do a year you'll understand.' And I called him up after and I'm like, 'Novak, I understand. I get it. I feel great now." Margera added, "You know, I do not want that lifestyle. I've got a 4-year-old. I don't miss the hangovers whatsoever. And I just don't want to return to that anymore." Watch the whole video above.