'It's a Wonderful Life' Is on NBC, and Viewers Still Love It After All These Years

It's a Wonderful Life is a firm part of the Christmas canon, as it is now a tradition to watch it [...]

It's a Wonderful Life is a firm part of the Christmas canon, as it is now a tradition to watch it each and every year in lots of households. Many choose to watch the movie when it's broadcast on NBC each year, as it was on Tuesday night. This showing of the 1946 movie, which stars iconic actor James Stewart as George Bailey, caused many of Christmas movie lovers to weigh in before and during the broadcast, with most expressing their admiration for the movie.

"Full from a delicious meal, wearing Christmas jammies, and watching It's a Wonderful Life. It's the perfect night," one Twitter user wrote.

"There is no other Christmas movie better than It's a Wonderful Life change my mind," a second added.

"I'm watching It's a Wonderful Life per tradition now. Then after I will be curling up to watch A Christmas Story .... at least six times throughout the marathon," another added.

"I wouldn't say I have a lot of traditions or anything like that. But one tradition I do have is watching It's a Wonderful Life every Christmas Eve," yet another wrote.

"Watching It's a Wonderful Life. Now it feels like Christmas," a fifth festive viewer wrote.

Some also chimed in with new things they noticed about the movie (for better or worse), even 73 years after its release.

"Every year at Christmas my family insists on watching It's A Wonderful Life and every time it's on I come in during a scene I'm convinced I've never seen before," one user wrote. "Do they keep adding to this movie every year?? Or is it 12 hours long?? The world may never know."

Another displeased viewer wrote, "When things that went over my head as a child stop me in my tracks as an adult: Mr. Potter describing the people who bought homes through the Baileys' savings and loan as 'a bunch of garlic eaters' in It's A Wonderful Life."

A third more positive viewer wrote: "Ever noticed this line in It's a Wonderful Life until today: 'What's the matter (with George Bailey)? Is he sick?' 'Worse. He's discouraged.' Praying for all those on this Christmas Eve who need encouragement!"

Even celebrities got in on the conversation, including Cher.

"WANTED 2 WISH EVERY1 AMAZING HOLIDAYS," the "Believe" singer wrote alongside a slew of emojis. "IF YOURE WITH 30 PPL OR ALONE…KEEP A JOYFUL [HEART]. 'It's a wonderful Life' is more than a movie title.For My Part,I'm Lucky To Have All Of You. I Learn Funny,Adorable important, Heartwarming, Opening, things Everyday."

Some also revealed the emotional impact the film has left on them, exemplifying the true power of the story written by Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett and director Frank Capra all those years ago.

"Before I saw It's a Wonderful Life, I had dark thoughts. But that film changed me," one user wrote. "It made me realize how big of an impact one person could have on the lives of many. It is truly my favorite Christmas film."

A second user wrote: "Exactly 2 years ago today, I was depressed. I watched It's a Wonderful Life, and it made me realize that I'm not completely alone and I do have an impact in this world, no matter how small. I'm thankful for the people in my life, and also for the people no longer in it. Merry Xmas."

It's a Wonderful Life is currently airing on NBC, but it can be watched any time by purchasing or renting on digital platforms.