Idina Menzel Teases 'A Lot of Surprises' in Upcoming 'Enchanted' Sequel 'Disenchanted' (Exclusive)

Idina Menzel couldn't be happier to head back to Andalasia for the much-anticipated sequel to the [...]

Idina Menzel couldn't be happier to head back to Andalasia for the much-anticipated sequel to the 2007 film Enchanted, intriguingly titled Disenchanted. The actress opened up to about reuniting with co-stars Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden for the upcoming movie, scheduled to be released in 2022 on Disney+, saying fans of the original have "a lot of surprises" coming their way.

Returning just recently from filming in Ireland, Menzel was thrilled to actually see progress with the long-awaited project. "We've been talking about it for years and it didn't happen. To see it actually come to fruition was really exciting," she explained. "And just so nice to be reunited with all of those people all these years later."

Calling herself a "huge fan" of Adams, who plays Giselle, the Tony-winner said it was "really nice to just kind of be up close and watch her work." Returning to her role as Nancy opposite Marsden's Prince Edward, Menzel said was "a lot of fun," as the two are "good friends" who "had a blast" together. "Nancy and Edward are sort of called upon," she teased of where the couple is now, more than a decade since the first film. "Something happens in [the] real world and Nancy and Edward have to come back through the portal and bring some magic from Andalasia and kind of help save the day."

Praising director Adam Shankman as "incredible" and the script as "great," Menzel said she thinks people are going to be "really excited" to reenter that world with her. "There's a lot of surprises," the Frozen star added. "There's a lot of great little Disney Easter eggs in it for people to kind of pick out and discover."

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