Margot Robbie and Hugh Jackman Star in New 'Dundee' Trailer, But is it a Movie or a Commercial?

The upcoming Crocodile Dundee reboot was previously outed as a commercial but a new trailer for the "movie" starring Margot Robbie and Hugh Jackman raises questions yet again.

Clocking in at approximately two minutes, the new trailer for Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home, features not only Robbie and Jackman, but also Russell Crowe, Isla Fisher, Ruby Rose, and Liam Hemsworth.

As was previously announced, the project stars Danny McBride as "the loudmouth American son no one knew" Crocodile Dundee had, and Chris Hemsworth as "Wally Jr. The heir to the Outback's most adventurous tour company."

It is notable that aside from McBride, all the stars are famous Australian celebrities.

Earlier in January, it was reported that "industry sources" suggested that the new Dundee project was not a major motion picture, but, in fact, a very elaborate ad campaign for Tourism Australia.

Reportedly, whatever is to come will make its highly anticipated debut during the Super Bowl in February.

When the teasers first appeared, they were apparently met with skepticism from people in the film production community, as no one could point to any specific filming announcements or notifications regarding the "movie."

One other interesting thing that was discovered is that the director listed on Dundee is Steve Rogers, a well-known commercial director in Austrialia.

The first teaser for Dundee featured McBride wielding a large Crocodile Dundee-style knife. A second trailer introduced Hemsworth.

A premise for the project on its official website elaborates a little more on an established plot. Apparently, Crocodile has gone missing and his son Brian is "the only person who might be able to find him."


Brian is the "son of a legend" who is "forced to channel his Aussie roots as he teams up with a local expert, Wally Jr." The two of them will "embark on the ultimate adventure in the land down under."

Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home has been promoted as debuting sometime in summer of 2018, but at this time there has still been no official statement from anyone involved regarding the validity of the ad campaign rumors.