It's a Christmas Miracle: 'Die Hard' Among Movies Added to National Film Registry

The Library of Congress recently unveiled its list of films being added to the National Film Registry, and by some wonderful Christmas miracle, Die Hard is among them.

Every year, 25 films are added to the registry, and this year one of the greatest action/Christmas movies of all-time, Die Hard, made the cut along with classic films such as Field of Dreams and Titanic.

Also added to the National Film Registry this year were The Goonies, Dumbo, Memento, La Bamba, and the original Superman film from 1978, according to Deadline.

The debate over whether or not Die Hard is a "Christmas movie" has raged on for years but professional news journalist and CNN anchor Jake Tapper recently called it "a fantastic Christmas movie," effectively ending the senseless debate.

Actor Robert Patrick recently gave an interview where he opened up about his role in the Die Hard sequel (occasionally referred to as Die Hard 2: Die Harder) and shared a funny story about his death scene in the film.


"Die Hard 2 was a huge moment in my career – it was the first time I ever got a studio movie," the actor told EW. "I get shot by Bruce Willis and they said, 'cut,' and I had done enough movies to know that you cannot really move until everybody has photographs of you. I ended up laying there for about three hours."

"At one point Willis comes by, and I remember looking up at him out of the corner of my eye, and he goes, 'Hey, we gotta hurry up! I think this guy is actually getting rigor mortis over here,' " he recounted.