Watching This 'Galaxy Quest' Behind-The-Scenes Effects Reel Brings Back All The Feels

(YouTube / Stan Winston School)

This year marks the milestone marker of 50 years for Star Trek. 50 years! So what better way to pay tribute to such an iconic franchise than a throwback video to the movie that made fun of it? This Galaxy Quest behind-the-scenes reel is just what the doctor ordered.

The video features one of the alien creatures from the parody film bouncing around. But what's great about this video and Galaxy Quest is that it features the masterful costume and makeup work by Stan Winston (Aliens, The Terminator). His work shows, as this 'Pig Lizard' screen test is a testament to Winston's precision.

It's a lovable video that definitely brings back feelings of nostalgia, but mainly the memory of the great Stan Winston.


[H/T Nerdist, Stan Winston School]