Valentine's Day 2022: 7 Problem-Solving Products for the Best Pet in Your Life

Valentine's Day isn't only to celebrate your significant other, it can also be a day to show a little love to that other special someone in your life: your pet! As you grab up boxes of chocolates, flowers, and other gifts for your sweet valentine, don't forget to grab something special for your furry sidekick, because there are plenty of items out there to not only help you care for your dog or cat, but also show them just how much they mean to you on Feb. 14.

Showing your appreciation for your pet can come in a variety of ways, and some of the below-listed products may even help relieve a little stress on your end because love them or not, caring for a pet isn't always easy. Whether you splurge on a GPS pet tracker for your fur friend that likes to go on adventures away from home or treat them to a treat-dispensing toy that will keep them occupied for hours on end, there is no shortage of items out there that will make perfect Valentine's Day gifts for your pet this Feb. 14! Given the wide range of products geared towards pets, grabbing any of these items won't be too difficult. Presents for your beloved pooch or feline can be found at Walmart, Amazon, and other popular stores. Keep scrolling to see a few Valentine's Day gift options for the pet in your life!

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Valentine's Day Dog Treats

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While your dog can't have a box of chocolates this Valentine's Day, you can still treat them to delicious dog-friendly goodies with Valentine Pooch Pack! Available at Walmart for $9.98 this pack of goodies features three separate treat packs – a 2.5-ounce bag of special edition Valentine's Day Milk-Bone Mini's crunchy dog treats, a 2.5-ounce bag of Pup-Peroni Original Beef Flavor chewy dog treats, and a 3-ounce bag of Rachael Ray Nutrish Meatball Morsels soft dog treats. The treats come packaged in a heart-shaped box perfect for the occasion! More details on the Valentine Pooch Pack can be found here.

$9.98 at Walmart

Treat Dispensing Toy

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Treat your pet this Valentine's Day to hours of endless fun! With the AIBOONDEE Automatic Pet Treat Ball, pet owners can fill the ball with their pet's favorite treats and then let their pets do all the work to get the reward! Featuring an inner chamber that slowly releases treats as your pet rolls it, this treat ball not only helps pets increase IQ and provide mental stimulation but also reduces boredom and destructive behaviors that may arise while they are home alone. The treat ball is available on Amazon for $12.59. You can view more details on the treat ball on Amazon by clicking here.

$12.59 on Amazon

Step-in Pet Harness

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Dogs are man's best friend, so make it a little easier to take your trusted furry sidekick with you just about anywhere you go with a new step-in dog harness. The Voyager Step-in Air Dog Harness is perfect for dogs of all sizes and offers a more comfortable option as compared to other collars and harnesses thanks to the soft, breathable air mesh it is made with. The harness also features a few safety features to give pet owners a little peace of mind with two reflective bands on the sides, which help enhance your pet's visibility. The harness, which has a pretty impressive 4.5-star rating and more than 80,000 reviews, is available in multiple sizes, with a small harness priced at $14.99 and includes free Prime shipping. You can view more details on Amazon here.

$14.99 on Amazon

GPS pet tracker

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Is your pet a runner? Or maybe an escape artist with a tendency to stray too far from home. This Valentine's Day, give yourself a little peace of mind and make sure your pet makes its way back home with a GPS pet tracker. The Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker, available on Amazon for just $49.99, has a 4-star rating from more than 5,500 reviews. This tracker easily attaches to your pet's collar, is waterproof, and allows pet parents to follow their furry friend's every step in real-time on their phones. The tracker also allows owners to mark safe spaces and be alerted the moment their pet leaves those areas as well as comes back. The waterproof design means it will hold up even in rainy conditions. View more details on Amazon here.

$49.99 at Amazon

Paw cleaner

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All pet owners are familiar with the unseemly sight of muddy paw prints tracked through the house. Put an end to the endless floor cleaning by investing in the Petsonik Portably Paw Cleaner. Available at Walmart for just $12.99, paw cleanser allows you to easily rid your pet's paws of mud, dirt, and other debris. Simply fill the container with water and brush your pet's paws, the soft-bristled mat on the inside. The cleaner also features an easy-to-remove lid. View more details on Walmart.

$12.99 at Walmart

Pet grooming gloves

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The days of pet hair clinging to your clothes and furniture can be a thing of the past this Valentine's Day with the assistance of a pair of pet grooming gloves. These gently de-shedding pet gloves are perfect for dogs and cats alike, and more than just freeing you from the endless amount of pet hair will also give your pet some extra loving as you groom them. The gloves feature 255 silicone grooming tips, which mimic the touch of your hand for a soft and relaxing massage as they gently and effectively remove shedding hair. The gloves are perfect for long, short, and curly hair and can be used on more than just dogs and cats – these gloves are also perfect for horses and other pets! The DELOMO de-shedding pet glove is available on Amazon for $13.99. For more details, visit Amazon here.

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