Trump's Inauguration Scores Second-Highest Ratings Since 1981

In the aftermath of Donald Trump's inaugural concert, actual inauguration, and Women's March that took place the day after, most of the focus of the weekend was how poorly attended his festivities were when compared to the protests against him. A notable statistic was also that Trump's inauguration was viewed by 7 million people fewer than watched Obama's 2009 inauguration, which seemingly sounds like a failure. By contrast, it would seem like more people were interested in Obama, but Trump's 30.6 million viewers across 12 networks was enough to earn him the second-highest watched the inauguration, second only to Obama, since 1981.

Topping both Obama and Trump in 1981 was the inauguration of Ronald Reagen, a former actor, which was watched by 41.8 million viewers.

Compared to the 1981 Reagen inauguration, the Nielsen ratings that determined total viewership don't take into account online streaming outlets when determining their numbers, so technically it's possible that both Trump and Obama had more people watch than tuned in for Reagen's festivities.

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Considering how low Trump's approval rating is going into his presidency, the number of people who tuned in to watch coverage is pretty staggering. However, the statistics about viewers doesn't take into account how many people tuned in to watch the even out of pure irony, hoping to use anything he said as fodder to insult him or potentially combine footage of him with Bane from The Dark Knight Rises.


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