Three More Women Disappear In The Same Area As Missing Jogger Sherri Papini

The abduction and return of the missing jogger Sherri Papini still lies heavy in her Shasta County community.

Now, three more women have gone missing in the same region and police are searching for answers.

Papini was out for a jog in early November when her husband, Keith, reported her missing. On Thanksgiving morning, the mother of two was found beaten and bound to a tree after a motorist passed her on a highway 120 miles from home.

According to Yahoo, the same day Papini went missing so did 51-year-old Stacy Smart. Smart's family immediately reached out to the man who allegedly help reunite Papini with her family: survival specialist Cameron Gamble. Gamble has posted a video offering up a ransom from an anonymous donor if any information was given regarding Papini's whereabouts. Just two days later, she was found. Now, Smart's family is hoping for the same miracle. "(He) is helping us," Nicole Santos-Hamann told the Record Searchlight. "He's giving us advice and kind of helping us with coming up with backers, to help us with a bounty or a reward leading up to her whereabouts."

25-year-old Amy Snow also disappeared on December 1st near Humboldt. County investigators have no possible leads or evidence in regards to Snow's disappearance.

Jessica Roggenkamp has also been reported missing after two drivers helped her change a tire in Anderson – the same municipality where Papini was kidnapped. She said she told the people who helped her that she was going to a friend's house and the next day police found her vehicle in Trinity County.

People have questioned Papini's story and allegations accusing her attackers of being "two Spanish-speaking women" a hoax, while others believe this is a true crime involving sex trafficking.

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