Sesame Street Nails Mannequin Challenge

As the viral video trend has been sweeping across the country, the cast and crew from Sesame [...]

As the viral video trend has been sweeping across the country, the cast and crew from Sesame Street just dropped their own "Mannequin Challenge" and it might be the best one to date.

The challenge involves holding a pose for as long as possible while the song "Black Beatles" by Rae Sremmurd plays in the background.

In the humorous clip, a cameraman travels down Sesame Street with the Muppets, cast members, and crew all frozen in place. Several places in the video seems truly frozen as it looks like there are papers stuck mid-air, dishes falling, and egg cartons on the brink of crashing to the ground.

On Tuesday morning, the Sesame Street Twitter account shared the video with the caption: "The Mannequin Challenge has found its way to where the air is sweet..."

The camera finally makes it way over to Bert and Ernie who are giving it their best effort to maintain their game faces. Right as the camera fixates on the two, Ernie decides that is the right moment to tell Bert that he has forgotten to tie his shoelaces.

When Bert bends down to tie his shoes, the moment is hilariously ruined.

"It wasn't me!" Bert says.

In addition to the cast and crew of Sesame Street, a slew of celebrities and social media users have been giving their own take on the latest viral trend. Fun fact, Rae Sremmurd's song "Black Beatles" has risen to the top of the Billboard 100 after the "Mannequin Challenge" has taken over the Internet!

Check out some of the best "Mannequin Challenge" videos below:


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Also, to check out another viral "Mannequin Challenge," check out these adorable toddlers who can't quite get the concept.

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What do you think? Is the Sesame Street "Mannequin Challenge" the best one you've seen?

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