New DNA Evidence Emerges In JonBenet Case

New DNA evidence has come to light in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Forensics experts have reexamined the DNA found on JonBenet's clothing and determined that instead of belonging to one unidentified man, the DNA actually belongs to a number of different people.

When forensics experts reexamined the DNA evidence, they concluded that the samples were not what they seemed to be. Instead of being from one individual, it was from multiple people, which were then combined together by forensics to create the idea of it being from one person.

(Photo: Daily Mail)

Also, there were documents discovered that showed that the former Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy knew that the DNA came from at least two people, but did not reveal this. However, Lacy chose to completely exonerate the Ramsey family back in 2008, despite not having the adequate evidence to do so.

As it turns out, the "unidentified male" that the police have been searching for in relation to the murder of JonBenet does not exist. However, the new DNA evidence could suggest that any member of the Ramsey family could be responsible for the murder. Or the DNA evidence could mean absolutely nothing for the case. The DNA could have come from contact JonBenet had with her family hours before the murder.

"It's certainly possible that an intruder was responsible for the murder, but I don't think that the DNA evidence proves it," said William C. Thompson, a professor of Criminology at the University of California-Irvine.


So, despite there being new evidence in the case, the conclusion could be the same.

[H/T Daily Mail]