Kylie Jenner Has Posted New Skintight Pictures Just In Time For The Holidays

Just in time for Christmas, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to give her fans a gift that might not [...]

Just in time for Christmas, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to give her fans a gift that might not be appropriate for the whole family. The 19-year-old model showed off her figure in a tight black dress that was covered in sequins, almost looking like a Christmas ornament herself.

Krismas 🎄

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Of course, Jenner knew it wouldn't be fair to only show off one angle of the magnificent dress, so she made sure to give her fans another view of the holiday outfit.

Eve 🎅🏽

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It appears as though Kylie might have fallen asleep while the last photo was being taken, most likely because she knew she had to get to sleep if she expected Santa to show up with presents for her.

One thing this outfit makes clear is that Kylie is spending the holidays in a warm climate, as many parts of the country are freezing this time of year and the exposed arms wouldn't be a good way for her to stay warm. Then again, black is a great color for absorbing sunlight, which is why polar bears actually have black skin under that white fur, so perhaps she opted for black to stay toasty.

It's a little worrisome that Kylie would wear an outfit that would reflect incredible amounts of light, because if she went out into public and headlights caught her at the right angle, the light would shine directly into the driver's eyes to potentially cause a collision.

Regardless of her motivations for selecting this outfit, her almost 82 million followers let Kylie know they enjoyed the outfit, which was indicated by the more than 2.5 million "likes" on the social media service.

Here's hoping Kylie keeps warm for the holidays, and that her photos continue to make her fans warm!

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