Gilmore Girls First Script Page Now Available

After Netflix made the announcement that Gilmore Girls would be getting a revival show on the streaming service, the news was met with mixed emotions. Just as the fans of the show were utterly thrilled to take a trip back to Stars Hollow, they were also nervous that Netflix series may not live up to the previous standards of the show. Lead actress Lauren Graham admitted that she was equally as nervous as the rest of the hardcore fans of the show when she received the scripts.

"I didn't read the last episode for the longest time because I was scared," she recalled. "I loved how everything was teed up in the first three and I, carrying the burden of everybody in my mind, was like, 'Oh God, what's going to happen?' And to me, it was deeply satisfying — and also it answered questions I didn't even think of. I thought, 'Oh how perfect, wow. I wouldn't even have wondered that.'"

Alexis Bledel also remembered the moment she was given the first scripts. "I read the first three in one sitting," she stated. "I was on page 7 or 8 when I remembered: Of course, this is that inviting town where everything is so familiar. And I felt like I was enveloped back into that time and place; wherever it exists in people's imaginations, I was reminded of where it was in mine. It was so easy to just jump back in and get to work. Which is lucky — because I had to the next day."

Graham then added, "Part of what was surreal was that we didn't have much time to look forward to it and prepare. We had wanted to do it for a while, but the amount of time in which it became a reality was really short."

Show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino shared the first page of the script for the first episode titled "Winter" with EW. Check out the exclusive look at the script below:

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(Photo: EW)

Graham recalls being put at ease after she felt that the script successfully brought to life the characters we grew to love once again. "I just felt like that's so quintessentially Amy and Lorelai," she stated. "It was then that I was like, 'We're going to be okay.'"

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life arrives on Netflix on November 25.


Do you look forward to watching the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix?

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