Gator Jumps Into Vacationer’s Boat And It Was All Captured On Facebook Live

While vacationing in Florida from Missouri, one couple captured an experience they won't be forgetting anytime soon that they also managed to broadcast all across Facebook Live. After a muddy run-in with river bank, the couple thought they would get to enjoy the impressive sight of a powerful alligator from a distance. The alligator, on the other hand, decided it wanted to get in for a closer look.

After a few moments observing the creature, the alligator quickly turned its head towards the boat, rushed in, and jumped onto the craft, much to the dismay and terror of the boat's passengers. In the resulting scuffle, it looks like everyone jumped roughly 45 feet into the air to make sure to get out of the gator's warpath.

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Luckily, it appears as though the alligator was merely trying to find the most direct route to get away from the onlookers and back into the water, and unfortunately, the boat got in its way. After a slight snag getting stuck between the boat's handrails, the gator was able to eventually get into the water and as far from these people as possible.

It's tough to say exactly what was running through the alligator's head as a bunch of people were gawking at it while it merely tried to relax, so hopefully this is a lesson to everyone that if your boat gets stuck in a muddy river bank, try to stay away from any basking alligators or they might jump in your boat.

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[H/T Fox 13 News]