Cher Almost Played The Borg Queen In Star Trek: First Contact

While Cher is best known for her singing ability, she has managed to build quite a respectable acting resumé with roles in films such as Silkwood, Mask, and Burlesque. Most of her roles have been in comedies or romantic movies, but she nearly portrayed an iconic Star Trek character, the Borg Queen.

Cher Star Trek

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of Star Trek: First Contact's release, The Hollywood Reporter sat down to chat with several members of the cast and crew from the film. The movie's makeup artist, Scott Wheeler, revealed that there were initial discussions that Cher was possibly going to be cast as the Borg Queen. However, Chariots of Fire actress Alice Krige would eventually take on the role.

"That character would not have worked without Alice playing the role," Wheeler said. "They were talking about Cher playing the role. And no offense to Cher, she's had some great moments, but it would have been so gimmicky and I doubt she would have been willing to sit through the 4 1/2-hour makeup we were putting on Alice."

Scott Wheeler later went on to share the character description for the Borg Queen that he kept in mind while creating the memorable look. Check out what Wheeler had to say about the role, and see if you can picture Cher instead of Alice Krige.

"With the Borg Queen, the script had one simple description: hauntingly beautiful," he said. "I thought, 'OK, why is she hauntingly beautiful?' Maybe the Borg needs a certain appeal. Maybe she's hauntingly beautiful, because she's sort of the seductress of the ideals that the Borg are supposed to represent. There was this beautiful face that is basically stretched over a biomechanical form. In the very front is a façade of beauty, and as you go further back and look at her, more and more you see the horror and the rot and the decay."

Borg Queen

Star Trek: First Contact was released back in November of 1996. The film was directed by Jonathan Frakes and starred Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, and Alice Krige.

Do you think Cher would have been a good fit for the role of the Borg Queen on Star Trek: First Contact?


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