Amanda Nunes Destroys Ronda Rousey On Twitter After Destroying Her In The Ring

Last night's UFC bout between Amanda Nunes and Ronda Rousey was set to be the biggest MMA event of the year. Rousey hadn't battled with anyone after having lost her championship in an upset to Holly Holm in November of last year after having dominated the division. The former champion took time away from fighting to focus on training, and in last night's bout, Nunes proved training can only take you so far and destroyed the former champion. Not content to just physical defeat her opponent, Nunes couldn't help but poke fun at Rousey after the fight.

Granted, this isn't the most sophisticated Photoshop job we've seen on the internet, it surely gets the point across. Some might find it out of line to mock your opponent after defeating them in the ring, but if you're Nunes and you manage to completely overpower a former Olympian in less than a minute, you can probably get away with doing anything that you want.

There's been no response from Rousey on her thoughts of the image of her as a baby being wheeled around, but we think she should take her time and make a much more subtle meme to at least be able to win the photo editing award from UFC.

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[H/T Bro Bible]