You're Not Alone: Embarrassing Health Issues That Plague Us All

woman on the toilet

Sometimes weird stuff happens to our bodies and we aren't really sure what to do. Whether it's a new symptom, or something that's been plaguing you for months, not knowing what's happening inside your body can be terrifying. Well don't worry... you are not alone. According to the Mayo Clinic, our bodies do really weird things all of the time and usually it's okay! Here's a list of some embarrassing issues, and whether or not you should be worried if they are happening to you.

Farts: Yep, we said it. It happens to everyone. Kids think it's hilarious, girls are grossed out by it and we can't get the men to stop doing it. But why does it happen? One of the main causes is swallowing air. When we eat, drink and swallow, we can't help but to swallow air. Another reason? Carbon dioxide is created by chemical reactions that take place in your gut and there's only one way to let them out. The final reason is bacteria. There are about 500 different types of bacteria that live in your gut, and many of them act on food residues that produce hydrogen, methane and more carbon dioxide. The smell, which is usually the most embarrassing part, comes from from sulphur gases that also reside there.

Should you be worried? Nope! Unless your toots come with abdominal pain, constipation, pale feces or feces that are difficult to flush or contain blood, you're probably fine.

Sweating: Excessive sweating can be over your whole body, underarms, palms, soles of feet or face. Not only can it interrupt your daily life, but it can also lead to embarrassment and social anxiety. Many medical causes of excessive sweating are; diabetes, endocarditis, fever, generalized anxiety disorder, heart attack, HIV/Aids, hyperhidrosis, hyperthyroidism, leukemia, menopause, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, obesity, stress and tuberculosis.

Should you be worried? Probably not. Most sweating can easily be explained, but you should call 911 if you experience it with chills, lightheadedness, and/or chest or stomach pains. If you begin sweating suddenly more than usual, experience night sweats for no reason or find that sweat interrupts your day, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

woman sweating

Vaginal Discharge: Yucky vagina stuff, we get it. This topic is often taboo, but why? We're all ladies and some discharge is normal! Discharge is a combination of cells and fluid constantly being flushed to clean and protect your vagina. Discharge can vary in color from "white and sticky to clear and watery."

Should you be worried? Unless your discharge is an unusual color, odor or comes out in unusually large amounts, there is no need to worry. Some common causes of unusual discharge include; yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis and menopause. If you notice unusual discharge after engaging in sexual intercourse, see a doctor right away. You could have an STD. If your discharge is murky brown or red, it could be a sign of cervical cancer. If you are noticing any of these issues, make yourself an appointment with your gynecologist right away. For other causes of unual discharge, visit the Mayo Clinic's page on this issue.

Bad Breath: It's no wonder drug stores are overflowing with different toothpaste options. No one wants to be the person with bad breath. Many of these products however, are only short term solutions. If you feel like your breath may be worse than just an unbrushed mouth, it could be from the food you're eating, health conditions or habits. It could also come from dry mouth, medication, tobacco products, infections, or other mouth, nose or throat conditions.

Should you be worried? Doubtful. If you think you've got extra stinky breath, try changing your lifestyle. Brush your teeth and tongue and floss after every meal. Avoid super low-carb diets and make sure you're drinking plenty of water.  If that doesn't fix the problem, go to the dentist and get their opinion. They may send you to a physician for proper diagnosis.

woman brushing her tongue

Frequent Urination: Frequent urination can be defined as having to urinate more often than what is normal for you. In addition to often being a symptom of a medical condition, it can also disrupt your work, sleep and general well-being.


Should you be worried? Maybe. You should consult your doctor if you think you need to take more bathroom trips than is proportionate to the amount of liquid you consume. Some causes can be bladder cancer, bladder stones, type 1 or 2 diabetes, kidney infection, pregnancy and more. Because there are many different possible causes, it's important to see your doctor right away. Receiving a proper medical diagnosis will help to put your mind at ease, and get you back on track to feeling better.

Most days, our bodies are a mystery and it's difficult to know for sure if a condition is a serious problem. While the internet is a great resource, it can often be hard to self-diagnose. If you think there's something abnormal happening with your body, consult a doctor right away as a precaution.