Piper Perabo's Protein-Packed Breakfast Will 100 Percent Surprise You

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Piper Perabo is rocking Hollywood with her curvy figure and killer acting chops, most recently proven on ABC's Notorious.

When the 40-year-old Coyote Ugly and Covert Affairs star isn't prepping for a long day of filming, her favorite leisurely breakfast is an egg sandwich with kale and extra hot sauce. When she is filming, her meal plan is a whole different story.

"When I'm filming, I eat fish for breakfast," Perabo told The New Potato.

Excuse us? Fish… for breakfast?

"My real breakfast of choice is broiled salmon with different pickled vegetables on the side," she told Bon Appetit. "I also have a green juice: cucumber, parsley, kale, maybe half a lemon in there, watercress, spinach."

"Do yourself a favor and have that for breakfast one day, you feel so good!" Perabo says. "Super clean protein—it burns evenly so you don't have that sugar rush, crash, caffeine, rush, crash cycle. You feel good and even for so long. If you have a doughnut and a cup of coffee, you're going to crash; you're going to be grouchy."

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For an afternoon snack, she opts for avocado, radish and lemon juice on toast or pickled herring.

Her food choices are a little bizarre, true. Everything about Perabo is spontaneous and surprising, including her go-to drink: the ever-trendy and cleansing chlorophyll water.

Chlorophyll water is exactly what it sounds like — a few drops of photosynthesis-aiding chlorophyll added to your glass of H2O.

"In addition to being nutritionally fabulous for you, chlorophyll is a detoxifier that promotes energy and weight loss," L.A. nutritionist Elissa Goodman told Shape. Goodman even goes on to say that chlorophyll has the ability to bind with environmental pollutants in the body (like toxins, pollution and carcinogens) to promote cleansing, "which in turn gives us more energy, mental clarity, and the potential for weight loss."

No wonder Perabo guzzles it down every day!

"When I put chlorophyll in my water, for example, I know that I feel more hydrated, and I just feel—this is going to sound so weird—but your sweat smells better, and it's literally cleaner…you feel like the system is running cleaner," Perabo says.

Think you could last a day on the Piper Perabo plan? Let us know in the comments!



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