Gwyneth Paltrow’s Biggest Health Trend for 2017 Isn’t What You’d Think

Gwyneth Paltrow is blowing our minds once again.

The Goop founder is introducing the new concept of "clean sleeping" to help promote quality sleep on a consistent basis.

"The lifestyle I lead is based not just on clean eating, but also on clean sleeping: at least seven or eight hours of good, quality sleep — and ideally even 10," Paltrow wrote in Daily Mail. "Sleep plays such a powerful role in determining your appetite and energy levels that I believe it should be your first priority — even before you think about your diet."

Multiple doctors and neurologists have agreed that getting enough sleep is the basis of helping a body "recharge and repair."

Neurologist W. Christopher Winter, M.D., of Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine is in agreement with Paltrow.

"Sleeping the way it was intended to be — no pills or gimmicks — is great," he said of the 'clean sleeping' terminology. "Really just trying to establish and set aside time where we're getting adequate and more than adequate sleep every day is a fantastic concept."

Dr. Jennifer Wider reveals that getting consistent poor sleep can have negative health effects, particularly for women. It can affect the body's hormones and metabolism, leading to irritability, mood swings, slow motor coordination and weight gain. You're also much more likely to get sick.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends adults ages 18 to 64 years old get anywhere from seven to nine hours of sleep each night.


To practice "clean sleeping," Wider said it's important to prioritize your sleep, which can include avoiding exercise before bed, as well as avoiding caffeine several hours before you go to sleep.


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