Lizzo Scores Major Song Placement on 'The Morning Show' Despite Recent Scandals

Some viewers raised their eyebrows at Lizzo's placement at a dramatic moment in 'The Morning Show' Season 3, Episode 4, "The Green Light."

This week's episode of The Morning Show prominently featured Lizzo's song "Truth Hurts" in spite of the singer's ongoing legal issues and public controversies. Lizzo has risen to prominence in recent years as a champion of feminism and body positivity, but she is currently being sued by dancers who say she was abusive when they worked with her. The Morning Show - a series similarly committed to feminism – used "Truth Hurts" as the soundtrack for a big moment in Season 3, Episode 4, "The Green Light."

Fair warning: there are spoilers for The Morning Show ahead! Lizzo enters the TV show's soundtrack a particularly low moment for Stella (Greta Lee,) who has been compromising more and more of her morals in recent episodes for what she thinks is the greater good. After realizing that she's done it all for nothing, she takes takes an emotionally deadpan walk in slow motion with Lizzo's most popular song blasting in the background. It fits well with the admonition of masculine pride in Stella's story here, but it did leave some viewers wondering if producers had a chance to change the song after Lizzo's recent bad press.

Back in August, three former dancers at Lizzo's production company sued her, her dance captain and the company. Their allegations included sexual, religious and racial harassment as well as disability discrimination and creating a hostile work environment. They even accused the team of assault and false imprisonment. Other former employees voiced public support for the plaintiffs, as did others who had worked with Lizzo in recent years.

Lizzo denied those allegations unequivocally, but the lawsuit is moving forward. Meanwhile, a second similar lawsuit was filed on Sept. 21, according to a report by Billboard. This one was frmo clothing designer Asha Daniels who worked with Lizzo on her tour and her 2022 album Special. Lizzo denied these allegations as well, and formally requested that a judge dismiss the other lawsuit from her former dancers.

Lizzo's attorneys reportedly filed the request along with a large collection of evidence they believe would absolve the singer of these allegations. They also said that if the case is not dismissed, their client's second choice would be a jury trial for this lawsuit. A spokesperson for Lizzo told Billboard: "This is the first step of a legal process in which Lizzo and her team will demonstrate that they have always practiced what they preach. Whether it comes to promoting body positivity, leading a safe and supportive workplace or protecting individuals from any kind of harassment. Any and all claims to the contrary are ridiculous. And we look forward to proving so in a court of law."

While the legal drama moves forward at its own pace, some fans have already changed their opinion on Lizzo and her work. Many posted on social media saying it was an odd choice to use her music in this context on The Morning Show. New episodes of the series air on Wednesdays on Apple TV+.