Dynasty Reboot Stars Reveal Their Dream Original Cast Cameos

Over 35 years after the original debuted, Dynasty will return to TV on The CW this fall -- and while it's certainly being updated for a new generation, the DNA of the iconic primetime soap remains very much intact in the new version.

(Photo: Zach D. Roberts)

Rafael De La Fuente, who will play Sam in the reboot, promises fans they will see "the catfights and the fashion and the glamor, but also the dark side of it."

But will they see familiar faces?

Speaking with reporters earlier today, The CW chief Mark Pedowitz suggested that they are open to bringing in some nostalgic guest casting, there was nothing specific planned as of yet. Pressed particularly on John Collins, Pedowitz admitted that the network would love to have her, but stopped short of saying that there had been any kind of talks with the actress, noting that the show was "just picked up."

During a red carpet interview earlier today, PopCulture.com caught up with some of the Dynasty reboot cast and asked the actors who from the original series they would like to see come in for a guest stint.

"It would be awesome to have the legendary Miss Joan Collins, of course," said De La Fuente, drawing agreement from co-star Sam Adegoke. "I would love to have Heather Locklear. I would love to be in a scene with her."

If De La Fuente wants to surround his character with the iconic women of Dynasty, Adegoke went a different way.


"John James, the old Jeff Covey," the actor answered. "I want to see what he's got going on: 'What's up, man? I'm now you!'"

Dynasty will air Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW beginning this fall.