The Cast of Dodgeball Reunite 13 Years Later

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story is now a cult-hit comedy, that is still quoted to this day, some thirteen years later. The film helped to catapult its cast of comedic actors to bigger heights, including Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Jason Bateman, Rip Torn, Justin Long, Stephen Root, Christine Taylor, Joel David Moore, Chris Williams, Missi Pyle, Cary Cole and Hank Azaria. Clearly, the film was a good move for all involved.

Well, if you still have love for Dodgeball, then you'll probably get a kick out of the video above - which shows many of the Dodgeball cast members reuniting onscreen, in character!

This Dodgeball reunion isn't just a random or arbitrary get-together - it's meant to help promote Omaze, a charity service that organizes and auctions meet-up events with celebrities - events that everyday people can actually win for themselves, by bidding as low as $10 for the event. The idea is that by taking celebrity star power and selling for a low price, more and more people will bid, and help the charity of choice earn more in donations.

Dodeball Cast Reunite for Charity 2017

If you love Dodgeball, and went to play a game of actual dodgeball with the cast, then you can make a donation at one of the two sites below - based on which team from the film you want to play for:

Here's what you'll get if you win:

  • Dodge, duck, dip, dive, dodge with Ben Stiller and his friends (spandex not guaranteed)
  • Take a team picture in your custom dodgeball jersey
  • Celebrate your victory (or wallow in defeat) over pizza with Ben after the game
  • Get flown out and put up in a 4-star hotel

There are 56 days left for you to enter and possibly win. Good luck!