Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Doesn't Buy Ric Flair's 10,000-Women Claim

The Nature Boy" Ric Flair was a legend in his day both inside an outside the ring. But some people are having a hard time believing one of his recent claims.

In an interview with People Magazine promoting his new documentary "Nature Boy," Flair claimed he'd slept with approximately 10,000 women over the years.

"Ten thousand women," Flair said. "I wish I hadn't said that because of my grandkids."

Aerosmith front man Steve Tyler doesn't buy it.

"That guy's full of s***," Tyler told TMZ on Wednesday.

The four-time Grammy Award winner took things one step further and said he's been with even more women. But he couldn't give an exact number because he was, "too busy getting high."

"I've got him so beat," Tyler said. "Rock stars, we don't push ourselves."


Thankfully Flair's days of trying to make his number go higher are over. He's currently engaged to Wendy Barlow, who worked as manager "Fifi the Maid" back in WCW.

Flair was last scene on WWE television on Tuesday night's Smackdown Live, where he congratulated his daughter Charlotte for winning the Smackdown Women's Championship.