World's Biggest Nerf Gun Fires Darts At 40 MPH

YouTuber Mark Rober has released a new video showing off what he says -- and we're inclined to believe him -- is the world's largest Nerf gun.

The world's biggest Nerf gun works with a 3,000 PSI paintball tank, firing darts made of pool noodles and toiilet plungers.

The gun fires off the darts at 40 miles per hour, and if left unobstructed, the projectiles can fire up to about 130 feet.

Typically they are not left unobstructed, though; Rober fires the darts over and over again into the ground or the protective netting around his trampoline. It seems he's primarily interested in velocity over distance.


Of course, this is not technically a Nerf gun, since it's not actually manufactured or authorized by Nerf, and the projectiles it fires aren't Nerf's material but a similar "found" material. But "World's largest foam dart projectile gun" doesn't have the same ring to it. And Rober actually added a Nerf logo to the weapon.

Rober says in the description of the video embedded above that he did it " to restore my honor." It seems pretty likely that whoever challenged that honor has since been treated to a high-speed toilet plunger to the side of the head.

(On that note, it's worth mentioning that if you pay attention to the video and its comments, the gun is modified to fire with much less force when Rober fires it at his nephews; he isn't shooting children with 40 mile her hour darts.


...although it would at least be a story the kids could tell later in life...!