Watch Sofia Vergara Inhale Helium On Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon always has some new trick, game, or skit for us on The Tonight Show, but this one takes the cake. He thinks that since Sofia Vergara already has a high-pitched voice, adding helium to the mix will make it a hilarious event for all to enjoy. And, well, he is right.

As soon as Fallon busts out the balloon the crowd goes wild. Like a champ, Vergara goes along with everything and begins sucking on the balloon. She first says simple things like her name. But the real action starts when Fallon starts giving her specific words and phrases to say. Our favorite? "Ben Roethlisberger." Vergara then goes wild and starts spouting off more words and phrases that are guaranteed to have you busting a gut.

(Photo: GIPHY)

Fallon has slowly made some progress with The Tonight Show. In the beginning, the show was a bit dry and laughs were sparse. Now, the writers seem to be in a much more comfortable place where they can have fun with the celebrities that come on the show. Conan may still be at the top of the pile for most, but Fallon is coming close.


[H/T YouTube / The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon]