'Sons of Anarchy' Actress Katey Sagal Cast In 'The Big Bang Theory'


"The Big Bang Theory" is finally introducing Penny's mom into the award winning comedy series. The showrunners have tapped "Sons of Anarchy" and "Married with Children" actress Katey Sagal to portray the mother of Kaley Cuoco's character in the first episode of season 10, according to Variety.

Showrunner Steve Molaro revealed the news on Friday at Comic-Con. Sagal previously starred together with Cuoco on ABC comedy "8 Simple Rules." Molaro also stated that the show will also introduce Penny's brother, who will be portrayed by Jack McBrayer.

While discussing the show, Molaro chose to reveal the thought process behind the writing of Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy's (Mayim Bialik) long anticipated "coitus" last season. He admitted, "Not since the loss of my own virginity have I stressed out or been so invested in a single physical act. It meant a lot to us, it was a long time in the making."

He admits several aspects of the episode were planned years in advance. Molar explained that he knew that he wanted to to include Bob Newhart as a Force ghost to "give Sheldon some fatherly advice," and also that if it happened on a significant life event such as Amy's birthday or another annual date, Sheldon could crack the joke that he looked forward to doing it again next year.

Other news regarding season 10 includes Sheldon and Amy going to a real-life flag convention, according to EW. Another reveal is that Penny is messing around with the idea of a career change, and Molaro stated, "We believe in the world of 'The Big Bang Theory' that the movie she did with Wil Wheaton, Serial Apetist, is floating around and developed a cult following. One way Penny could make money is signing autographs for fans."


"The Big Bang Theory" returns on September 19 at 8 PM ET on CBS.

Are you excited about seeing Katey Sagal portray Penny's mom on "The Big Bang Theory?"