Simone Biles And JoJo Fletcher's Next Stop? 'Dancing With The Stars'

(Photo: Twitter, Simone Biles, JoJo Fletcher)

It looks like Simone Biles is not done with checking things off her "could I be more awesome" list. She's already won 4 gold medals and a bronze and now she will most likely be heading to Dancing With the Stars, according to E! Online. She won't be going alone, though, as Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher is likely to be cast on the show as well.

We all remember Fletcher as she made it into a nail-biting season finale of The Bachelor, but ended up losing. Then, on the following season on The Bachelorette, she gave her final rose to former quarterback and Vanderbilt alum, Jordan Rodgers.

Seeing these two compete on Dancing With the Stars will raise the competition level 100%. And knowing just how competitive these two are, it's almost a guarantee we will see them go far into the show.


[H/T E! Online]