Paralyzed BMX Rider Stands Again In Heartwarming Christmas Video

Scotty Cranmer has become a symbol in the world of extreme sports. In fact, he has become a symbol of many things: hope, inspiration, positivity, and bravery, among others.

The BMX rider from Jackson, New Jersey took an unfortunate fall while recording a video for his YouTube channel just over two months ago. The accident occured in Las Vegas and, according to Cranmer himself, was during a simple trick gone wrong as an unexpected hole in the ground launched the rider over his bike's handlebars and face first into pavement outside of his hotel.

Since the accident, Cranmer has slowly been regaining feelings and movement in different areas of his body. The left side is improving more quickly than the right, as showcased in the several update videos posted to his YouTube Channel in the months since the accident. Still, the X-Games gold medalist and Dew Tour champion has never stood on his own two feet in any of the videos...

Until today.

scotty cranmer stands

In a video titled, "Scotty Christmas Update," Cranmer gets helped out of his motorized chair and stood up onto his own feet by his friend going by the name of Big Boi across social media. Big Boi then releases Cranmer of his grip and Cranemr manages to find a balance for a few seconds, in which he describes his efforts.

"I am now standing on my own," Cranmer says. "It takes so much focus."

"So, I'm doing good with the standing. This is the first step of me getting back on my feet right now," Cranmer said. "I can't get up and stand on my own yet because I still need some work on my balance. I don't know what the next couple weeks are gonna hold but that's what we are working on right now. Doing my best to stand up without the help of anybody else. Tht's really when Stand With Scotty happens."

Stand With Scotty is Cranmer's fundraising campaign which sells t-shirts with "#STANDWITHSCOTTY" printed on the image of the sole of a shoe and sold from Cranmer's S.C. Action Sports bike shop in Howell, New Jersey.

Since the accident, which Cranmer's friends caught on camera and plan to release online eventually, Cranmer has undergone several surgeries, had friends implant his teeth, and will continue to undergo rigorous physical therapy alongside several other inspirational figures in similar condition.

In the photo below, Cranmer poses beside injured Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand.


For the holidays, Cranmer has managed to sneak out of the hospital's care for enough time to spend Christmas with his parents, dogs, and recent wife.

To follow along with Cranmer's progress, subscribe to his YouTube channel: Scotty Cranmer.