Netflix Series Ultimate Beastmaster Defies Reality TV In Debut Trailer

Netflix has said that one of their biggest explorations in 2017 is reality television, and they've [...]

Netflix has said that one of their biggest explorations in 2017 is reality television, and they've released the first trailer for one of their new tentpoles - Ultimate Beastmaster.

From executive producer Sylvester Stallone, Ultimate Beastmaster provides a new take on physical competition shows like American Ninja Warrior. The show places contestants on an insane obstacle course, and they must navigate their way through a variety of absurd challenges.

The catch here, is that the course is said to have a mind of its own. The obstacles are contained within the head of an enormous robotic dinosaur head - aptly called The Beast.

The goal here is to become the Ultimate Beastmaster by defeating The Beast - or conquering the course. In the trailer, it's teased that this challenge will be the ultimate test of man vs. beast.

Stallone helped bring the project to life, and the 30-second teaser has made it seem as though the actor will be hosting the show as well. This isn't the case, however one of Stallone's Expendable's co-stars will host the US competition portion of the show.

Terry Crewes and Charissa Thompson will host the US version of Ultimate Beastmaster while Anderson Silva and Rafhina Bastos will host Brazil, Seo Jyung Suk and Park Kyeong Rim will host South Korea, Ines Sainz and Ernesto Franco will host Mexico, Hans Sarpei and Luke Mockridge will host Germany, and Sayaka Akimoto and Yuji Kondo will host Japan.

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Each country will receive a ten-episode first season of Ultimate Beastmaster, and all episodes will be available to stream on Netflix February 24, 2017.

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