Netflix Now Offering Flixtape (Like A Mixtape But For Netflix)

(Photo: Flixtape)

Netflix's newest feature, titled Flixtape, now offers you the ability to create a movie and/or television show playlist of your favorite Netflix titles. The site explains, "It's like a mixtape, but for Netflix." You can create the new "flixtapes" based on genre or theme of some sort, and then you have the ability to share the mix with your friends via text, email, or on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, according to AV Club.

You can create your own mixes of shows and movies just for fun, or use the new feature to create a playlist of recommended material for friends. Unfortunately, the number of titles that you can add to a Flixtape has been limited by Netflix. The editor tool of the Flixtape feature allows you to add or subtract titles from the three suggested choices, and then you can search the library for more movies and shows with the ability to add up to six titles for your playlist.

While there is a limit on the amount of titles you can add to your Flixtape, it still can be a fun new tool for you and your friends. It can be a better way to find titles that match your preferences better than the Netflix recommendations might suggest. The recommendations on Netflix do not tap into people's social connections like it could, and now Flixtapes is trying to give subscribers that new added advantage. Currently, Netflix shows what's trending on the streaming service, but until now failed to give subscribers a feature that would allow them to share more a better playlist of recommendations with one another.

Flixtape is meant to give the creators the ability to customize their "cover" and the title, and even add the name of the people you plan on sharing the playlist with. There are also some pre-made mixes with titles including, "The Family Reunion Flixtape" and "The Besties or Frenemies Flixtape." However, it does not appear as if Flixtape will be built into the main Netflix application itself, according to Tech Crunch.


Are you excited to make your own "Flixtapes" that you can share with friends and family?