Mysterious Growing Foam Spreads Through City Streets

A growing, fire-retardant foam spread through the streets of Santa Clara, California, baffling residents and law enforcement officials alike.

It's unclear what the source of the mysterious substance is, but it seems nothing can stop it from twisting its way through the city streets.

"We don't know what it is or even if it is possibly toxic / lethal if breathed in, but let's watch as it grows!" Bay Area news station KTVU Fox 2 said as they streamed the peculiar happenings on Facebook Live.

Despite the potential health risks, one Californian simply couldn't resist the urge to enter into the milky abyss on his bicycle. Throwing caution to the wind (or the foam in this instance), he pedaled his way into the foam, disappearing into a roiling sea of bubbles.

"Yeah, someone had to do it," said Blake Harrington, the brave soul who ventured into the great unknown on his bicycle. "We were on the other side and the officers over there were like 'you should ride through.' And I was like, 'OK you guys don't mind?' So we decided to do it."

According to Harrington, the foam felt like soap, making it what is sure to be the coolest bath anyone has ever taken in the history of humanity.

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Would you drive through this mysterious foam?

[ H/T KTVU ]