Missing 8-Day-Old Baby Found After Mother Was Shot and Killed

(Photo: Inside Edition)

An 8-day-old missing baby girl was found alive after her mother was shot and killed in their home.

On Thursday, Laura Abarca-Nogueda, a 27-year-old new mom in Kansas, was found murdered in her home and her then 6-day-old daughter, Sophia, was nowhere to be found. The baby's father reported the case to police when he returned home from work.

Two people who knew Abarca-Noguenda were identified as suspects and police believed they abducted the baby girl and took her to Dallas. Both suspects have been arrested after a search warrant issued by Dallas Police and the FBI was excuted at 4:30 Saturday morning during a home search.

"This is the best possible outcome to a very sad case," Police Chief Gordon Ramsay said in response to finding Baby Sophia alive and healthy.

Sophia will be taken to relatives as soon as possible, but details of the investigation are not being released in fear of putting the case in jeopardy.


"Thank you to all investigators for their hard work in this case and thank you to the community for all of their help as well," Wichita police said in a statement.

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