Jury Verdict Finds 'The Shield' Actor Michael Jace Guilty of Murdering Wife


After being arrested back on May 19, 2014 Michael Jace has now been sentenced to 40 years of life in prison for murdering his wife. Jace will serve 15 years to life for the 2nd degree murder charge, and another 25 years to life for the gun enhancement.

Entertainment Tonight reports the jury "deliberated for less than three hours over two days to reach the verdict." The jury also "found true an allegation that Jace personally used a handgun." Jamon Hicks, the defense attorney for the former Shield actor, fought for a voluntary manslaughter conviction instead of a first degree murder charge "arguing that the shooting wasn't premeditated." He argued there was insufficient evidence to suggest that Michael Jace planned his wife's murder.

He reportedly shot her because he "was upset with his wife because she wanted a divorce." Jace incriminated himself by calling the police himself to report the shooting, admitting to the operator that he killed his wife. The 911 call was recorded in which Jace admitted the crime. While waiting for Police, Variety reports that Jace told detectives, "he only wanted to hurt his wife, not kill her, planning to shoot her in the leg with his father's revolver."


Jace shot his wife three times while his two sons, who are 8 and 5 years old, were present in the house. The children were unharmed in the ordeal. After shooting his wife, Jace then texted his father-in-law telling him to come pick up the kids. The couple lived together at their home in Hyde Park with their two sons.