Emma Watson's Phone Goes Off On Live TV, Her Ringtone Is "Steamy"

Have you ever had your phone go off in a meeting or in the office, and were somewhat embarrassed by your ringtone? Well, don't worry, this kind of thing also happens to celebrities, even including the times when they are doing interviews on live TV.

During an interview on Wednesday, Harry Potter actress Emma Watson's cell phone went off, and the song on the ringtone was a very surprising choice. The song that rang out from Watson's phone was none other than "Steamy Windows" from Tina Turner's 1989 Foreign Affair album.

"That is so embarrassing. That is my phone. That is Tina Turner," Watson exclaimed as she quickly turned her phone on silence.

Mark Heyes, the interviewer, clearly thought the moment was absolutely hilarious. He immediately recognized the song and stated, "That's probably the best ringtone I've ever heard. Heyes was interviewing Watson regarding films, fashion, and red carpets when the incident happened.

Watson gave the pop superstar a short plug making sure that the viewers knew that it was a Tina Turner song, even though she immediately shut the phone off when the ringtone played aloud.


Watson is starring as Belle in the upcoming live-action version of Disney's Beauty And The Beast coming to theaters next year.

What do you think about Emma Watson's steamy ringtone?